Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my first design project!

oh, this was so exciting! last week i had a very enthusiastic customer come in my shop (which is always great) and like it so much that she called me the next day to see if i would design a logo for her new project--a scarf felting project! her description of what she was going for was so wonderful, i sat right down and sketched it out, and she came in a few days later and LOVED it! i was so thrilled.

best of all is that i'm trading my services for one of her wonderful photographs. it features a lot of green moss and reminds me of my dear friend Ariel. plus, i found out later that the picture was actually taken in Napa California where Ariel took me on my most recent visit! too cool!!
check out more great photos at annwilkinsonphotography.com or annwilkinson.etsy.com
her new project is called "Carpetbaggers felting Project" toooo cool. i'll post links to that as soon as she gets it up! the scarves she makes are amazing.

Friday, August 22, 2008

with the Goats!

one fine evening last week Hannah invited me out to take photographs of her animals and family (Jasper). it was wonderful! Jeremy went with me and i had a blast trying to chase them and get a good shot. they were all actually very photogenic!

Hannah makes wonderful goatsmilk soap from Rosie's milk and other fine ingredients. she is constantly coming up with ways to make soap from local and natural ingredients that will not disrupt one's endocrine system. it makes my shop smell wonderful and gives me an excuse to buy paper to wrap them in.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"flora" ceramics

So busy the past few weeks! it was Jeremy's birthday week and i also had my aunt brenda in town for a visit. she is not only very fun to be around, but she's my best patron! luckily we fired a kiln load full of things before she got here.

i've been continuing my series of flora impressions with more queen anne's lace, some neat weed that had wonderful little leaves.. yesterday i did two great platters with some tiny white clemetis from my grandparents porch and some memosa leaves--which made a very strange and soft impression. i also did some platters with re-created lotus blossoms after they fell off my plant. very curious as to how they will turn out!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Metalsmithing Class

this week i started a little jewelry class for cutting, forging, and soldiering metal! a local lady teaches at her home studio which i very nice and perhaps even messier than my studio! very encouraging. last night was my first class, a birthday present from my parents!

i got to use a roller that allows you to transfer patterns from objects (leaves, sandpaper, cheesecloth, onion bags, etc) onto your metal of choice. i can see getting very addicted to this tool! i opted for a cheesecloth gauze on brass circle and sandpaper on copper for the triangle that was supposed to end up on the bottom. i didn't like the design from the beginning, but it was the assignment, and my triangle looked very silly (although nice texture)... so i took them home, took them apart, added some lovely little vintage german glass beads on gold, and voila! i also etched "lurve always" on the back and plan to give them to my mom :)

can't wait to go back!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ad in Bust Magazine!

what a momentous day this is! i sent off my payment (ugh! although very reasonable) and the digital files of my first ever ad in a national magazine--the fabulous Bust Magazine!

very very very special thanks to my talented buddy Logan for his amazing design. he crafted something so beautiful out of a really bad photo and some random comments from me. but it suits the magazine and it suits my work sooooo perfectly.

check out the Oct/Nov issue! should be awesome!!!!!