Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Jewelry Inspiration

I've been doing some major de-stashing with my beads lately and have had some lovely time in my studio.  (I've actually been doing major de-stashing of all my supplies, but that's another story). 

Mother's Day was super busy at the shop, which was wonderful, and also meant that I needed to make a LOT of earrings the week before. 
Which then lead to a lot of re-stocking and catching up on things, and spending some very focused afternoons in my studio after a long run. (Which works great as long as I don't wear myself out!)

 The other day I was in the shop, washing my hands, and suddenly the idea for these earrings sprang into my mind! I even scribbled it down, in case I might forget. That night when I got home I went straight into the studio for some late night prototype developing (my favorite!).  I was thrilled that these came out just like my image/drawing.  What was even nicer was an old buddy from college loved them so much that, after seeing them on Facebook, she contacted me about how to purchase.  We are going to trade one pair of earrings for a signed copy of her newest book-- it's pretty cool to have creative friends!  The other pair is at the shop, and I'm sure I will be making more soon~

I also worked on a shorter variation of a popular design. these remind me of clusters of berries, I love them!
Happy beginning of summer!