Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chartres Star House

A little something lovely from the kiln... Inspired by my trips to Chartres France. There is a lovely church there with spires of different heights, too cool.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mouse Paparazzi

"I'm your biggest fan, I will follow you until you love me...."

So, the excitement today at Vespertine is that I have a little pregnant mouse (and Mr. Mouse too) scooting around my feet! Now they seem to be sleeping, but earlier they were out foraging for food. Jeremy was sitting at the computer and they came out to his feet, I grabbed my camera, and flash going, shutter clicking, I was able to get a few shots. Mrs. Mouse didn't seem to mind at all, which brought to mind the above quoted Lady Gaga Lyrics.. (thanks Ariel and Derek for all my pop culture references, I haven't actually heard the song myself, but we had an in-depth discussion of Lady Gaga when they were in town last!)