Monday, November 30, 2009

BUST Holiday Craftacular 2009 - NY | craftacular

NYC here I come! Mom and I leave this Saturday for the big city. I am so honored, thrilled, and totally nervous to be participating in this amazing event. There are so many awesome vendors, I really hope I get the chance to look around. This week I will be living in my back room at Vespertine making things. I already had a hand cramp that caused me to throw an egg across my kitchen because I couldn't grasp it like I normally do!

BUST Holiday Craftacular 2009 - NY | craftacular

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

new hairpin color

Some exciting news this past week: I was accepted into the Bust Craftacular in NYC on Dec 6th!!!!!!! Wow! More about this later. I am so excited, and nervous...... But, I digress.. This little post is about some new flower hairpins I've been working on.. This color combination was so yummy to me, I had to take a photo.. Lovely teal, fuchsia tulle, crisp white, with berry colored beads in the center! It looked really good on my tray too...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ad in Pinestraw Magazine

Yes, I'm so pleased with my photoshop classes! I'm showing off again, this time an ad I got invited to submit to the lovely Pinestraw magazine in a special Pittsboro Promo section. I can't even begin to say how exciting it was when she showed me the measurements, etc. to know that I could make something myself to fit!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

basket of kitties

The other week I was having a conversation with my mom about something unrelated to, banking, or something... and all of a sudden this image popped into my mind of a fleecy kitty that was filled with rice to be a heating pillow and new product for Vespertine.

This weekend we collaborated with mom sewing up the inner muslin bag filled with rice and lavender and I ransacked her polar-fleece supply to make the outer kitty shape.

When you microwave them for 3-5 minutes they produce a really moist heat that is wonderful for sore muscles and cramps. I can also see myself curling up with one some cold evening to keep warm, or draping across my cold feet..... Delightful!