Saturday, May 30, 2009

Photo Shoot with Jessica Benton

I am so pleased to post a selection of my photo shoot with Jessica! She arrived here at 6 to start shooting. Armed with coffee and all her awesome cameras and equipment (which I was just thrilled to see, i love neat tools!) she worked her way through the shop.

If you go to my Facebook site for the store Vespertine~Crafted Beauty you can see them in a walking tour format. Or better yet, come on by and check out the new arrangement!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Siglinda Scarpa Spring Studio Show

This was the final weekend of Siglinda Scarpa's Spring Show. Siglinda shows her lovely organic work in her home gardens.
Tables of fanciful dinnerware are set up in the yard.
A few stunning teapots
Graceful grape arbor with guineas that came running for food~very fun to watch.
Table full of cups, pitchers, and saucers.
Under a beautiful arbor~so pretty! Siglinda also runs the Goathouse Cat Refuge. Mom and i played a game of counting how many kitties we saw running around. If you are in Pittsboro and get a chance to visit her studio, don't pass it up! For more info, click here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

yellow house lables

spent this evening dusting off my lino cutting tools and carving out this little stamp for my mom's pocketbook and bag making business.

the name is from the cheerful color her sewing area is painted, and also from a van Gogh painting that hangs there.


four years ago this week, i was walking with some of my lovely family through Venice and Murano. by the time we got to Murano we were delirious with all the beauty. what a fantastic city. i dream weekly about going back, and when i found these beads at the Original Ornament, i thought instantly of the bottle of cream limoncello i bought. it is so lovely, and i was enamoured with the thought of a lemon liquour. unfortunately, it tastes a little strange. but, these earrings do not and they are super cool, so i think!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Perfect Close

wow, perfect close tonight! first time ever for my store, probably. unlike my days at Urban Outfitters' perfect close (tags hidden, stacks of shirts perfectly straight) i spent the past two days sprucing up Vespertine for a photo shoot with my buddy Jessica Benton. we traded some ceramic business card holders for a press kit of photos! i am so totally excited. we are meeting very early to get it with the lights glowing in the front window and then work our way through the store.

with the help of my parents i moved furniture allll around, lifted my lovely white branch, painted a new branch for the middle room, hung new lights, vacuumed, oiled my beautiful buffet, lined everything up, and shoved a LOT of little things in drawers!!!!

will post my new photos as soon as i get a chance, and try to come by and see the store while it is clean!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vespertine at the Haw River Festival 2009

Haw River Fest 2009

On the hottest day we have had so far this year (nearly 90, whew) Hannah and I schlepped our soaps, jewelry, some small ceramics, cards, and gauze hairpins to the lovely Haw River Festival. Celebrating it's 20th year this year, the Festival is a low key celebration of the river in Bynum (a lovely place anyday). A Historic bridge (now pedestrian only) crosses the river, bands play, vendors set up, the Ruritans cook hotdogs, and kids get to paint Clyde Jones Critters with leftover wall paint. Hannah's son Jasper (and my Vespertine protege) painted a penguin for me~fabulous!