Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hey everyone, not that anyone wants to know any more of the little things i'm thinking about or doing, but i just started a Twitter account.. it's kinda fun. makes me feel important... esp. cuz i already have 2 followers! wow. so, if you want to get in on the action, check out

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the beautiful spring weather we have been having is very conducive to making pretty things! i got out a bag of fabric i've had since my first trip to san francisco many years ago, and finally did something super cool with it. when i singed the edges very gently, i got wonderful little petals that layered so beautifully.

the one on the far left is a water lily brooch which i'm wearing now (prototype development!) and the rest i think i will sew onto little bobby pins for wearing in the hair.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nothing says spring like wisteria! well, maybe daffodils. and tulips. and red bud trees..... we have had a rainy spring so far and it has done wonders in producing huge swaths of purple along the roads and all through town. it is heavenly~and i have been told it is tasty in salads! i'll try it and report back....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paris Photos!!!!!

oh my goodness... i have just returned from an amazingly lovely trip to Paris to visit my dear friends Ariel and Derek. i soaked up wonderful food, beautiful art, and sweet flowering plants the whole trip. i am also full of inspiration for new things to make for Vespertine~ stay tuned!

paris trip 2009-day one
My first full day in Paris wandering around looking at well manicured trees and eating at a fondue resturant!

paris trip 2009--Pere Lachaise Cemetary
Luckily for me, Derek's friends Brian and Melissa wanted to go to the Pere LaChaise Cemetary on Sunday. I say luckily because I was of the mindset of "oh, who wants to see Jim Morrison's grave?", and i would not have ended up going.. However, it was sooooo much more than that, and I am sooooo glad they wanted to go. it was so amazing, and huge! we only saw a little bit of it, and my brain got overloaded with seeing all the beautiful sepulcres and tombs. it was fabulous! thanks brian and melissa~

paris trip 2009--wandering around with Ariel
Wandering around with Ariel on a brisk and sunny day--with Panini in hand! fabulous~

paris trip 2009--Musee D'Orsay
the wonderful Musee D'Orsay~i felt terribly guilty Mom wasn't there to enjoy it with me!

paris trip 2009--L'Orangerie et le Musee d'Arts Decoratifs
design overload~that's really all i can say....

paris trip 2009--Notre Dame
Notre Dame--killed my legs! but then i spent the day wandering around and going to an amazing sewing notions shop where i spoke in French to a wonderful shopkeeper who helped me select buttons and ribbons that will be showing up in new Vespertine products

paris trip 2009--Chartres
Train trip out of town with Ariel to beautiful Chartres

paris trip 2009--Giverny with Ariel
another wonderful train trip out to Giverny--Monet's home and garden..... beyond beautiful and peaceful....siiiggghhh

paris trip 2009--#30 Rue Poissy
Ariel and Derek's neat apartment