Wednesday, October 28, 2009

new washi paper mini-magnets (with real packaging!)

The objects here are very very exciting to me because they represent two things: 1. my new mini button machine arrived and I've been cranking out one inch buttons and magnets and 2. this is my third week of Photoshop class with the lovely Emma Skurnick and I was able to put an image that I drew together with some text to make a label for these sets of Mini-Magnets.

This is my current store window that I am most proud of! Hot Pink everywhere with a lovely garland of butterfly stamps on baker's twine~ very fun to make, and i have several for sale at the shop.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

new soap label

Welcome to my first foray into "outsourcing"! I commissioned these fabulous letterpress labels from the guys at Blue Barn House in Asheville, NC to replace my handwritten and goccoed label for Hannah's goatsmilk soaps.

I had a fantasy of saying to them "okay, I'd like an art nouveau style decoration, nature themed, with art nouveau style font saying this" and they would then email me something fabulous in a week. What happened was I was informed that that would cost $600 and that if I drew the design myself it would only be $100 for them to stick the font in. (sigh) However, it actually came out really well (I think) and I do actually still really like having a hand in the label.

I'm hoping they will be more legible and we won't get anyone else at a festival saying "Soup?" or "What is this?"; or, after they take a bit of a soap sample saying "Oh, this isn't for eating?". Granted, I don't think my handwritten label was responsible for *all* of that...

Also, my new way of wrapping affords more smelling room on the ends and also uses less paper, and is a more streamlined process. Very exciting!