Saturday, October 11, 2008

mixed bag

ah, so much has been happening, and it seems to be fluctuating between good and bad within each day.

some things that have been getting me down this week are that my buddy across the street Leslie who has the craft gallery fusions is going to close. i was very sad about that for sevral days, but she's going to let me sell her new sweet little blown glass vases. they really suit my store. the other bad thing was getting an email from my old employer and favorite bead store The Original Ornament saying that they were trying to raise 10 thousand dollars by Oct. 25th to re-negotiate a loan. check out to donate to keep a wonderful local and independant business open.

some good things though are that i unloaded a kiln full of good stuff last week and i've been making some great new jewelry. this morning the best thing of all though was that my parents and i went to a great tag sale and i got some amazing handmade, very old doilies for pressing in clay and other decorations, and some amazing hand painted eggs that also have crochet around them. they are so amazing. i almost couldn't even study them closely because their details were overwhelming. but best of all was that as we were leaving my parents bought me an amazing stout jewler/machinist table that is fantastic! can't wait to hook my rolling mill to it (also thanks mom and bob) and get a torch and then i'll be in business! i'm looking so forward to unveiling some fine metalwork for the holidays. well, i'll end of that good note, shall i?