Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring! New Shop Items Update

Happy Spring Everyone!

I went out of town last week to New Jersey (to help work a fishing tackle show with my folks) and have returned to the most summery spring~  I am so excited, I even got up early this morning to go for a walk amongst the birds, squirrels, and blossoms.  I am vowing to do this every day from here on out, it was so wonderful.

I also returned to a ton of packages of new merchandise for the shop, very exciting! 

Locally made chocolate bars from Escazu Chocolates-- Extra Dark Goatsmilk, Chipotle and Vanilla, and personal fave The Beaufort Bar with sea salt.   They are beside a spinner rack full of new and fabulously detailed Coco Loco sustainable hand carved earrings.

Also in the shop are new prints by Yelena Brysenkova of some of the sweetest imagery ever.  Yes, I have already purchased one of the "Cat Naps" for myself!

There's a lot more, but you will just have to come in to see for yourselves! Hope to see you soon~

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One Year of Vespertine Carrboro!

Wow, everyone!  One year of business in Carrboro.  Allow me to take a moment to thank some folks who helped make this possible. I can hardly believe what a lovely year it has been.  To celebrate spending a whole year on Main Street, I finally submitted my sign application and my talented friend Marc made this wonderful sign for me:

He also cut the window vinyls and made a little sub floor structure when I first opened, thus saving us from tripping all the time! I'd also like to say a special thank you to my buddy Cynthia for helping install the sign, the vinyls, and much more.  Cynthia has been invaluable in helping me maintain my Facebook Page and for bringing amazing cookies to the 2nd Friday Art Walks.  She's also just been really supportive and I have appreciated her energy so much. 

Speaking of supportive: as my neighbor Paul reminds me often, where would I be without my parents? I can't even begin to enumerate how much they have done for me...but suffice to say, I am so grateful. 

A big thanks to Hannah for moving her soap making enterprise up to the loft here. I always look forward to days when she's here. 

Another person who really brightens things up around here is my aforementioned neighbor at This and That Gift Gallery, Paul.  Paul is always ready with an amazing story, a ladder to help me change a light bulb, brainstorming, and countless other repairs and improvements we try to do around here. 

Last but certainly not least: my "shop boy" Jeremy.  Also referred to as "that sweet young man who was running the store today" by my customers.  Jeremy's generosity and flexibility allowed me to open the second store, and now it allows me to spend quality time in my studio to make NC Necklaces. 

Jeremy and I were just reminiscing about those early days... When it was so slow and all we had here in Carrboro was an iPod touch and not much to do!  We've come a long way.  

Thanks for all your support!