Friday, January 30, 2009

First Kiln of 2009

i had a wonderful time making this batch of ceramics. i spent a lot of time out at my family home babysitting the little dog and we went for a lot of walks through the winter woods. i found some wonderful little grasses that had the sweetest little seeds at the end. i ran them through the slabroller and combined it with some vintage doilies i've been using to great results,i think.... check out this album for a few more pieces.

also mixed up a new clear glaze that has a bit of milkyness to it if it gets thick. quite lovely!

i also thought of lot of my most enthusiastic ceramic patron--my Aunt Brenda--who just got her other knee replaced! way to go Brenda!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a valentine appetizer

i have some really wonderful things planned for Valentine's at the store, here is a little sample~ i just got all my little pink and red blank cards and envelopes in. i can hardly wait to start making cool little valentines.

and love magnets are coming too...... oh boy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day

St. Bartholomew's Cematary on Salisbury Street. so quiet and lovely......

Beautiful Rosemary House

My favorite garden in Pittsboro, this creek is always gurgling away

We had the most lovely snow yesterday!!! I got to go walking with Jeremy while it was still snowing, and it was just lovely to see town completely shut down! we were walking out in the middle of the street and enjoying the beautiful snow. we got quite a lot too, how wonderful! i couldn't open the store, it was just too fun to be home watching it all.

here is my attempt at a photo album. enjoy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

American Button Machine!

Goldfish Buttons!

a Mini-collage with Japanese paper and rooster

Beautiful Japanese Paper Pocket Mirrors

In late December I half-jokingly said to Hannah, "boy, if i had a button machine i'd be unstoppable!" well......i won one on Ebay and i got it yesterday! it is fabulous. i have soooo many scraps of paper, neat stamps, little things, etc, that i can now immortalize in a button, a pocket mirror, or a fridge magnet!

so now i'll submit to the universe "boy, if i had a silk screen studio i'd be unstoppable!" hehe. that is a goal for this year or next. yes!

i really can't wait to make more mini-collage buttons and magnets..... stay tuned!