Friday, April 29, 2016

Nostalgia and Vinyl Decals

This week I got more embroidery kits, which called for an expansion of the Craft Corner! The golden mirror and the butterflies came down, which had been covering a wall in pretty bad shape. I de-stashed some of my old vinyl wall decals to cover the smudges and holes a bit. (Side note, don't save decals, they start to stick to the placement paper very badly) As I was peeling vinyl and burnishing it with a credit card, a wave of nostalgia came over me. I hadn't applied vinyl in so long, and it reminded me of my favorite ones-- the koi by One Up Designs (no longer making decals) that were in the middle room of the old Vespertine in Pittsboro.  I looked through some pictures a photographer friend, Jessica Lobdell, took for me back in 2009!!  (on the right below)  Memories! 
Once the decals were on, I put up some card shelves and filled them with the new kits! This was also a minor triumph because I very nearly got rid of these shelves last month. So glad I didn't--they fit perfectly. 
 New kits from Miniature Rhino-- great beginner level embroideries. I also have some more challenging embroidered doll kits from Kiriki Press.