Monday, April 11, 2016

April Window Plant World

 It's been a chilly start to spring here in NC this year-- there was even frost on my car yesterday morning! I made my April store window into a little love note to all the wonderful plants and green things that will be flourishing soon. For my display pieces, I spray painted some old glass gems and made them into a mobile of sorts. I glued some reeds from an old curtain together into little himmelis, which I also painted--with coral paint, one of my most favorite colors ever!
The Zen Succulent, from Raleigh, NC, brought in some special terrariums and their wonderful little moss balls in small glass jars- they are so sweet! Little stained-glass pyramids made by my mom and small ceramic figurines (which are technically chopstick rests, but I think they look great in terrariums) can help you create little green mini-worlds inside. They will help make you feel springy and vibrant even on cold grey days~

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